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Businesses with virtual tours increase website traffic by 55%, 41% more reviews, and 29% more customers.​

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Discover our work !

My Virtual Tour creates virtual tours for any type of space.

– Apartments & Houses

– Restaurants & Bars

– Hotels & Conference rooms

– Hospitals & Clinics

– Pools & Spas

– Wine cellars 

– Offices & Industries

– Fitness

– Shopping centers and Shops 

– Boats, Planes & Buses

– Insurance

– Cultural places

Our Services

High-quality photos

Professional 4k photographs to showcase your home, apartment, restaurant, hotel, museum and many more.

Virtual tours

3D virtual models created with 99% accuracy, provide immersive views of your space.

Benefits for our customers:

– Websites with virtual tours receive 5-10x longer views than those without.

– Customers who go through a virtual tour are 2x more likely to make a reservation.

– Virtual tours reduce unnecessary apartment visits by 40%.

Schematic plans

Professional black and white floor plan.

Including measurements of each room, illustrations and the calculation of total floor area.

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Google Street View service

By capturing 3D content, we ensure it displays on Google Business, allowing customers to see your immersive tour directly from a Google search and Maps.

Google Street View virtual tours attract new consumers to your business using the same technology used by Google Maps.

I want to take a virtual tour

The easy 3-step guide to get a virtual tour of your business!

1) Contact us for a free quote

Send us an email at, we will contact you very quickly to define your needs and give you a price.

2) Plan your virtual tour

After contacting us, a certified representative will schedule your tour. Our virtual tours generally last 1 to 2 hours on site for standard spaces.

3) Delivery of the virtual tour

My Virtual Tour will send you a link of your virtual tour in less than 48 hours. All other services like HD photos, videos, schematic plans, QR code and Google Maps integration will be delivered within 72 hours.

And then it's up to you!

Take the link of your virtual tour, as well as your images and videos and simply publish them on your site and on your social networks. Like our many customers, become more visible on the web, attract more customers and increase your sales.

Virtual tours are 360° images that are linked to create a 3D model. The immersive experience makes it possible to represent a real place in virtual reality. Unlike videos which limit what a viewer can perceive, virtual tours are interactive. The virtual visit offers the viewer the choice of what they want to watch in high definition and the freedom to move around the location as they please.

The freedom to interact makes the virtual tour a realistic and engaging marketing tool.

The scan session on the site takes between 1 and 2 hours for standard spaces (100m2).

The virtual tour will be available within 48 hours.

Images for Google Walkthroughs are uploaded the next day and, depending on how long Google takes to link them, will be completed in 1-5 days.

Almost every industry uses virtual tours. From real estate to hospitality to retail and even professional services such as chiropractors, dentists and physical therapists can benefit from a virtual tour.

For any property that you promote on your site or on social networks, you can present it in an increasingly attractive and interactive way thanks to a virtual visit. Studies show that properties sell 20% faster and at a 9% higher price.

You’ll in addition have a 24/7 marketing tool that lets prospects visit whenever they want, even when you are not available. It will also help speed up the decision-making process since potential clients have previewed a virtual tour and it will save you time by displaying the property only to really interested prospects.

Google Street View is a technology from Google Maps and Google Earth that provides interactive 360° panoramic images along many streets around the world. This program was launched in 2007 and since expanded to include rural areas around the world as well as corporate interiors.

Once the virtual tour has been completed, we can transfer it to Google Maps and associate it with a company’s Google My Business listing. When someone finds your business listing on Google, they can take a tour inside your space.

With the Google Street View program, businesses see their online search results improved.

Virtual tours appear in Google Search, Google Local, and Google Maps, encouraging people to research your business further. In addition, the virtual tour will also differentiate you from your competitors by providing you better visibility on the Google search engine.

A Google Local My Business listing is an online profile that contains your business name, address, phone number, website, photos, and other details. When someone searches for your business on Google, the results present your local listing at the top right of the page.

We provide free quotes on request to best meet your needs.

Digital marketing is a rapidly evolving field, and there are very few proven tactics that offer as much benefit as a virtual tour. You will reap the benefits of this tactic with the generation of leads, improved trust, increased online traffic and better online visibility.

Our offices are established in the Geneva region. We work in and around the canton.

Contact us for a quote request, a reservation or any further information by email at or by phone at +41 77 420 04 25.


Photographe en train de réaliser un tour virtuel. La technologie utilisée est propice aux visites virtuelles.

About My Virtual Tour

My Virtual Tour is specialized in 360 degrees virtual tours, commercial photography and schematic plan production.

Customer service and exceptional quality are paramount in our work. We maintain a keen eye for detail from the moment we interact with our customers to the delivery of the end product.

Based in Geneva – Switzerland, we work throughout the canton and in surrounding areas.


Contact us for a quote request, a reservation or any further information about our services.

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